Carousel/sliders are everywhere on the web starting with blogs and portfolios and finishing on ecommerce solution. Some of us love them and cherish the ability to show multiple items inside one predefined container, others hate them for being similar to advertisements and introducing confusion among users. Nonetheless sliders are on a significant amount of websites and are here to stay. In this post I would like to present javascript jquery sliders which in accordance to DRY principle you might want to use in your project. Continue reading

Looking at what designers and webmaster are achieving with today’s technologies gives me this fear that what I know today will be outdated tomorrow. In this rapidly changing world of the Web everything what happens here seems to be mirroring something else. Have you seen the new design introduced by MySpace? No? Take a look, it’s really an astonishing design [] which makes use of horizontal scrolling, but I have this feeling that I’ve seen this already. Wasn’t it Windows 8 Metro UI? Another concept that seems to be still very popular on the Web is called “parallax scrolling”. I admire those people who transformed this simple idea into some amazing websites and after few hours of experiments I have to admit it’s not easy. I’ve gathered some amazing libraries that will ease your work at build astonishing parallaxed project. But first things first. Continue reading

Few weeks ago I have been taking part in my friend’s project The Daily Interactive whose intention was to create new kind of source of news for Polish readers on how social media influence the world. My job was to consult and prepare frontend for this project so I’ve spent countless hours on viewing modern news magazines and papers in search of some unusual ways to present content in form of a grid..

At that time I was enchanted by amazing functionality and grid that was presented to users by Pinterest and it was the exact thing I needed. The next step was to develop that kind of fluid, gap-free grid. “Wait” – I thought – “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. During my search I’ve found a few amazing JavaScript solutions to my problem that I proudly present in this post. Check them out! Continue reading

So you have a great idea for a web application or you want to visualize some data for your future blog post and you need chart library. After all how hard can it be to find good one. You start googling and your confused by the variety of other choices you have to make. Maybe you should buy a library or should I use a free one? Are there any free and good ones? Of course there are. Continue reading

Starting your adventure with frontend development for Web might be a little discouraging when you notice that there are so many technologies involved in it. You need to know HTML, CSS and be aware of many differences between how browsers will render it. Then you’ll start introducing interactivity to your application and you’ll notice you need a tool, a language that is available on every modern browser, you need JavaScript! Continue reading

Chosen is  jQuery plugin rendering sleek and user friendly select boxes. It was developed to replace over-screen-height select boxes which users have to scroll to find item they were looking for. It’s compatible with modern browsers and has a legacy support for IE8. But wait, because Chosen replaces normal select boxes you don’t have to worry that users with older browsers won’t have access to them. Continue reading