Starting your adventure with frontend development for Web might be a little discouraging when you notice that there are so many technologies involved in it. You need to know HTML, CSS and be aware of many differences between how browsers will render it. Chek your site javascript :

Then youll start introducing interactivity to your application and youll notice you need a tool, a language that is available on every modern browser, you need JavaScript! 

But where to start? Do you need a book? Maybe youll search on the Internet? Those are the most common questions to ask. This article is the answer! Ive found or been introduced to some of the most intriguing and amazing interactive learning tools for JavaScript available on the Web. They are carefully chosen just for you to search no more.



CodeAvengers is a web application where you can learn JavaScript in one of the most exiting and interesting way. It leads want-to-be JavaScript programmer through the language and its concepts via 10 lessons each divided into 5 cool tasks. Firstly, you are gently introduced to the language basics then you move on to mathematics expressions in JavaScript and variables. After that youre taken to the bug hunt and If you pass it youll have to face the “Robot Challenge”. Doesnt it sound exciting? Believe me it is! “Learn JavaScript the fun way” its not only CodeAvengers slogan its the truth. Oh, and if you dont want to loose your progress you can create an account and track your progress as you fulfill tasks. Worth to try!


If youre interested into getting into frontend programming but were always afraid its to difficult you should really check out Code Academy for JavaScript tutorials. While CodeAvengeres focuses on making JavaScript learning curve as flat as possible Code Academy allows to excel on a few other fields. First the course of JavaScript Fundamentals leads you through programming basics introducing language semantics functions, loops, conditionals to crown your efforts by writing the BlackJack Game with your own hands. Great way to start your adventure with programming, isnt it? And thats not the end of it. Code Academy prepared a few nice practical exercises that in the end make ready to use product. The best way to learn? Learning by example! If this is not enough, you can find jQuery learning track where youll learn the basics of jQuery, DOM manipulation, event handling and animation and youll write your own Hangman to play with your friend.


“Eloquent JavaScript – A Modern Introduction to Programming” is in fact a book written by Marijn Haverbeke, its online and it freely available for you to excel your JavaScript programming skills. The quoted on the books homepage Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript explains the value of Eloquent JavaScript the best way „A concise and balanced mix of principles and pragmatics. I loved the tutorial-style game-like program development. This book rekindled my earliest joys of programming. Plus, JavaScript!” The book will lead you through main concepts and structures of the language allowing to check out working examples in the browser. Its a great way to learn JavaScript by reading the book and having opportunity to check the working code in place.


Nathans Lessons do not focus on interactivity but at the end of every section you will be asked to try what you have learned during the lesson. Nathan focuses on closures – a more advanced feature and JavaScript concept so you should take one of the previously mentioned tutorials if you dont feel comfortably reading Nathans Lessons.


After you learn JavaScript basics youll need a framework which will help you with common and repetetive tasks. KnockoutJS is a good solution for you and it has the best interactive framework tutorial Ive found on the Web and wanted to share with you. At first it lead you through steps explaining the way the KnockoutJS works followed by more advanced topics like working with lists and collections, building single page application, adding custom bindings and loading/saving data. By the way KnockoutJS is one of the more interesting frameworks Ive encountered recently. Worth to check.


W3Schools is a website for learning web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and also JavaScript. It does not focus on interactivity to be fair but there are many carefully written and prepared JavaScript lessons that will guide you through the language basics and advanced topics. Every part of tutorial allows you to try the code by yourself with editor where you can execute JavaScript and see the effects instantly.

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Now you have interactive and fun learning tools for JavaScript and even framework for your future applications. Theres no more obstacles preventing you from being the next best frontend developer in your company or maybe the world. You know HTML, CSS, tricks and hacks for browsers and the language of modern interactive web applications.

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